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12 tips for internet marketing services in Pakistan 2018

Internet marketing services which is also known as the digital marketing or web marketing services now becoming a relevant strategy for online marketing in Pakistan as well around the globe. Internet or digital market is primarily used to promote or to get the attention of people, which make a significant impact on the sale of goods and products.
Why Internet Marketing services in Pakistan
Companies now give importance to internet marketing as they realise this is now a valuable tool to boost the sale in this advanced technology era. Like across the world, in Pakistan internet technology has become an integral part of life.

Many Pakistani companies have started to invest their money in digital marketing for their products and services and not rely on conventional advertisement methods. Today people spend most of their time on the internet while on the smartphone or a computer, people remain intact with internet through different websites and apps, which is one of the factors of an uprising of internet marketing.

12 tips for internet marketing services

For internet marketing or digital marketing, it is essential to use established digital branding strategy and methods for internet marketing to target the right area to get more and more people attention. There are many strategies through which internet marketing is done which include search engine optimisation, reciprocal linking, email marketing, social media, blogging, pay per click advertisement and many others

There are some tips for internet marketing in Pakistan, by which internet marketing can be done more smartly to increase target audience. Some of the suggestions for internet marketing or digital marketing are the following:


It is essential to know what your target audience is if you are not clear about your target audience than your internet marketing will be not efficient.

Before starting the digital marketing for some products or company, you should know the target audience, which you can sort out by yourself.For example who will be more attention or interested to your products men, woman. Then figure out what age of people will be interested in your products and finally what kind of people will be interested in your products.



After knowing your target audience other steps to enhance your internet marketing is to set your goals, determine that what the purpose of your internet marketing is.

To promote a product? To increase awareness ? or to increase the profit? After setting your goals, you will have the idea which path will better to achieve your goals.



After setting the goals of your digital marketing the next step is to make the budget in which you can achieve your targets. When you have established a specific budget for your marketing project than it will be easy for you to make financial decisions more confidently within your budget.



There are many companies which are doing digital marketing. You should take yourself out of the completion and focus on your work. Keep your quality high to achieve your targets and try to achieve goals in a better way. Make an improvement in your work which will help to grow your company and brand.



In digital marketing, the website is considered as the first impression to the audience, audience not like to read the things in detail so make your site highlighted with definite and precise points.

The front end of the website is essential for audience attraction, so website design should be elegant.


When it comes about internet marketing, search engine optimisation is considered one of the vital tool for digital marketing. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the top search engine and can be optimised to display your website on the top ten sites when searched.

Search engine optimizations have some essential components which include keywords, meta tags, content backlinks, social media, product image.



Blogging is considered an essential term in digital marketing, and it is useful to spread awareness about your products and company services through some beautiful blogs. This platform is free, and you can promote your brands, products and company services more efficiently.



Social media is now becoming a robust platform for digital marketing. This platform connects enormous users all the time, this secure platforms way to find your target audience and make your products and company services more advertise through this channel.



Email marketing also plays its role in digital marketing, and it is used to notify and keep the pinpoint audience up to date about the products, special sale and discount offers.

Big companies have the email address of their clients, and they use email marketing techniques to keep their clients aware of their any update.

Engaging CONTENT

Providing the best content that the audience wants, giving the material which includes educational, inspirational, exciting and promotional content made the site more trusted and used towards the viewer.

The audience does not like to read unnecessary details, so your content should be brief and cover all the material which the audience wants.

Facebook business page and Facebook advertisement

Facebook is an important platform and have the significant number of users all the time and is one of the essential marketing tools. People like the Facebook page which is useful for them and get constant awareness about the products and company.


In digital marketing web traffic is very important for your website, you should use different techniques to attract the web traffic to visit your site. For this, you should have expertise in the field of digital marketing to make your work more efficient.

If you have the team under your leadership, then you must build your team those has expertise in digital marketing and makes your complaint more smart and capable.


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6 Sales and Marketing Tips & Ideas to Grow Your Business

To grow a business these days, one needs to understand why traditional sales and marketing strategies are failing and how to develop a sales marketing strategy that works.

What is Sales Marketing?
A well-crafted combination of sales and marketing is necessary for successful business growth. Sales entail the direct one-on-one interactions, those interpersonal connections that directly add revenue to the bank accounts. Telephone calls, networking, and meetings are all part of the direct sales process.


Marketing, on the other hand, involves all those actions that a business takes to reach and recruit prospects. Examples include direct mail campaigns, advertising, public relations, and television or radio commercials.


Direct sales marketing embodies all of these strategies. The number of ‘touches’ a prospect requires to convert into a sale varies, though research suggests anywhere between three and twelve touch points. More important than quantity, then, is following and maximizing each contact so that the time, cost, and effort put into each sale decreases.

What Isn’t Working?

Some of the most tried-and-true methods of marketing still work. People still love video advertising, for instance. In fact, video accounts for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco Visual Networking. However, many other marketing strategies are falling flat. To be sure, Sirius Decisions reports the average sales cycle has increased by 22 percent over the past five years since more decision-makers are being involved in the buying process.

According to the 2016 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail is expected to experience a 19% decline over the next 12 months;
A mere 13% of people who read print publications report ever looking at the ads;
44% of direct mail is never opened;
70% to 80% of online users don’t look at online ads, preferring to focus only on organic search results;
86% of people ignore television commercials.

Effective Sales Marketing Ideas

As buyers become increasingly over-saturated with advertising gimmicks, it becomes even more important for business owners and marketers to devise innovative ways to target potential customers. It is the role of a business owner, then, to ensure that information is delivered to prospective customers at the right time, in the right format, and on the right platforms. This is where an inbound marketing strategy becomes crucial.


There’s no need to spend copious amounts of time drudging up case studies. Instead, ‘research’ refers to time spent understanding the company and its goals, understanding the industry, and understanding the customers. This is where business owners focus on attracting customers rather than seeking leads and customers.

Clarify what the business is and ask:

What does it mean to ‘grow the business?’
How will someone know if they’re successful?
What are the long and short-term goals?
What is the sales process?

Check out the industry

Whether a person has been in the industry for two, ten, or twenty years, chances are pretty high that the industry will keep on changing. As innovations come up or new expectations are established, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. This is where industry research comes in.

How do other businesses fare against meeting (or exceeding) the goals?
What marketing strategies are other businesses in that industry doing to attract clients or customers?
What current events and news is impacting that industry?
Is there a business to business marketplace a business owner can access?
Are there any leaders that a business owner can speak to within the industry?

Figure out your customer base

Speak to the people on the ground—those who directly communicate with customers—to better understand the customer base. These are the people who can provide the most insight into what customers want. When talking to them, here are some worthwhile questions to ask:

Which marketing tactics are most effective?
Are customers complaining about any current strategies, such as too many emails or obnoxious ads?
What are the customer demographics?
What questions are the sales teams answering most?
What pain point/s does the product or service help alleviate?

Create Effective Content

No longer is it sufficient to leave a website dormant while expecting customers to magically discover its presence. Instead, business owners should update its content consistently. Over 70 percent of marketers say relevant content is the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) tactic, while companies that blog 16 times or more per month enjoy four times more leads than those who publish blog content less than five times a month.

The most effective content is that which focuses on helping customers reach their goals and/or solve their problems. While content on the Internet often grows stale within weeks after publication, it’s best to make sure content is as evergreen as possible so that it can retain its value for years to come.

Recognizing the importance of having an efficient, skilled copywriter either on staff or freelance is imperative. Doing so can increase the company’s revenue substantially, double its customer retention rate, and create brand recognition.

Pay attention to SEO

In the world of marketing, SEO is the latest buzzphrase—and with good reason. SEO consists of all the factors that influence search engine ranking. It is like turning on a spotlight so that customers know where to find a business. After discovering what a company’s customers are looking for (see above), it’s important to weave those keywords onto every page of the website.

To optimize a website for SEO, Entrepreneur magazine suggests that business owners:

Create a priority list of targeted search terms that pertain to the customer base and market segment;
Review pertinent industry sources and competitive lists to determine what keywords should be used;
If users frequently misspell a word, include that in the webpages as well;
Track the site’s rankings every 30 to 45 days to ensure the keywords remain effective;
Determine goals ahead of time and make sure they are measurable so that it’s possible to note the return on investment regularly;
Create page titles;
Develop new sitemaps for Google and Bing;
Place strategic words and phrases throughout the content on every page;
Continually test and measure the business’s success using objective tools to do so.

Develop Podcasts

People love to receive something for nothing. In the world of marketing, the most valuable asset is knowledge. Offer this to customers through an effective use of Podcasts. Podcast listening increased by 23 percent between 2015 and 2016.

Become social media savvy

The effectiveness of social media marketing is contentious. While some people say it’s a complete waste of time, the numbers suggest otherwise. After all, the breadth of audience participation is unparalleled.

72 percent of adult Internet users utilize Facebook;
During the past two years, content consumption on Facebook has increased by 57 percent;
Instagram has 500 million active monthly users;
LinkedIn has 450 million members, with a reported 25 percent active on a monthly basis;
Thirty percent of U.S. millennial internet users use Snapchat regularly.

Stay in contact

Depending on the product or service offered, it may be that the company is on the customer’s mind daily, such as the case with a food product, or only occasionally, as is the case with expensive beauty treatments. Regardless, it’s critical to be in the customer’s thoughts as soon as they are ready to buy. The way to do that is to maintain constant and consistent communication.

Collect the customer’s information at every opportunity;
Craft email or text campaigns to stay in contact with prospects and previous customers;
Be sure the business is listed in local directories and search engines.

Effective marketing means more than relying on direct mail advertising or television commercials. It has evolved into a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory process. Keep up with industry trends, as well as the new technology available to assist marketing efforts using these suggestions.


This article first appeared on Tenfold.

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SEO Services for Hotels

Our company offers SEO services for hotels. The online research for hotels has increased two folds during the past few years. The reasons for substantial online visitors are the large internet access and the latest trends in digital marketing. So, the online visitors of the hotel industry are catered through online websites and platforms. But, the online websites and platforms are not the solutions for catering the online visitors. So, we offer the best solutions for catering the online visitors through our excellent SEO services for hotels. Our SEO strategies for hotels are highly adaptable and result-oriented.
Customized SEO services for Hotels
We are a highly dedicated team of experienced individuals who are focused on creating customized SEO strategies. Our SEO strategies are based on the input from clients and the nature of the business. The input from our clients helps us understand the target market and online platforms of the clients. The nature of business helps us to cater the searches which are highly relevant to our area of interest. So, we do not lose the focused areas. Our customized strategies also help our clients to understand the results of our SEO services in a better way.

Advanced strategies for SEO Services for Hotels

We rely on the latest tools and techniques to provide SEO services for hotels. Our SEO services for hotels are based on the latest data analytics which helps us to understand the search trends in a better way. We are also dedicated to client satisfaction. We make positive suggestions to clients so that we can build the SEO strategies based on the client’s satisfaction.

Flexible SEO services for hotels

We handle the online business portfolios according to the nature of the business. So, we do not step-in a situation where we cannot make a comeback. Our SEO services are strategy based. So, we make the strategy according to the requirements, and then we implement it accordingly.
Call us for excellent SEO Services for Hotels
So, would you like to give a try to our SEO services for hotels? If you are looking for the best ways to minimize the cost and generate more leads through SEO services, then call us and make a deal which best suits you. See Our Best Local SEO packages:


SEO Services for News Agency
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SEO Services for News Agency

We offer quality-oriented SEO services for news agencies having online websites and prominence on social media platforms. The SEO services have become an essential ingredient of the Digital Marketing process. The main aim of online businesses is to promote their websites and blogs for generating massive traffic. So, the competition in this field is evident, but you do not need to worry if you hold a news agency. Our services will facilitate your dreams of ranking your news agency at the top of online searches.
Custom SEO strategies for News Agencies
We do not operate in the conventional environment where change becomes a miracle. We absorb the contemporary changes and try our best to facilitate our clients. Our purpose is to customize our SEO services so that we can satisfy the needs of running a successful online news agency. So, how our company could help a news agency by adopting the change? Our SEO experts monitor a slight change in the online trend for news agencies. Thus, we would be the first to optimize our SEO strategy according to the change.

Custom tools for SEO services for News agencies

We operate in an environment where the SEO tools are vital for providing the best SEO services. Thus, we provide customized tools which help the news agencies to divert maximum searches to their websites and blogs.

Dedicated team for account management and reporting

We allocate separate teams to each client. This strategy helps us to improve the results because our clients get the weekly report and they give feedback to our work based on this report. Thus, our dedicated teams listen to the feedback and improve the things accordingly. The accounts of our clients are also managed by the team members.

So, what are you waiting for to give us a call for SEO services?

You need to contact us for receiving the matchless SEO services for your news agency. You can also contact us to learn about our SEO services and strategies for news agencies. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Intersection of social media and content marketing in 2018

You would be familiar with the heated debate about Content Marketing vs SEO, and which one is going to lift the trophy in 2018. In the past week, I have written about how SEO and Content Marketing overlaps to create a winning marketing strategy. Now I ‘ll shed light on the changing dynamics of Social Media and Content marketing and how you should use both for local SEO in Pakistan as well as international space.

When I thought the ordeal of ego-driven wars between different online marketing strategies and strategists is now finally over and we have an agreement on the essentiality of both ingredients,

I was tossed with another question, where do content marketing and social media marketing intersect? And all the hows, whats, and whys of alike questions.

The good thing about social media and content marketing is that both of these are the products of the same era and have not grown but exploded with opportunities and attention right from their initial years. When the audience focused content was becoming a norm in the online marketing industry, it was also paralleled by the expansion of various social media channels in the online world.

The timeline of the development of both social media and content marketing overlapped. The public opening of Facebook in September 2006 and creation of Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2007 indicate the initially shared years of journey. You can say that these two digital tools were quickly adopted by enterprises.

According to CMI, 88% of the companies with headquarters in North America are employing Content Marketing and dedicate up to 30% of their budget to CM.

The figures for social media marketing show a next level penetration of social platforms and increasing budgets.

However, the content marketing and social media marketing departments in many organizations are still working in their own sphere, unknown of the fact that how much they share in common. And I blame the aloofness of these two as a hurdle in creating synergy.

Before I further delve into the relationship between Content and Social Media Marketing and its relevance to SEO (Like triplets, you cannot separate one with other), I would like to quote Lee Odden’s delicious but effective metaphor which puts everything in the context.

“Social is jelly, SEO is peanut butter, & content marketing is the bread that holds it all together.”

(I hope it will make things easy to understand for you)
So, if you are up for a tasty sandwich recipe which also gains audience traction, you are right on track by engaging both social media marketing and content marketing together in your digital marketing mix.

Let’s go through the list of FAQs of Social media marketing and content marketing to get you onboard.

Is Content Marketing better than Social Media Marketing or Vice Versa?

It depends on! In some particular cases, one strategy may lead the way while the other may not be as effective, but in most of the cases, it is about mutual success. Some business models favor social media marketing while others are more inclined towards content marketing.

For example, when I was working on a Fashion Designing Blog, I along with my team tried all of our different content marketing spices. But, nothing was working, and we hardly had 500 visitors in a month. And when we were lucky, the number went up to 1,000 visitors. So, we decided to shift the focus to social media marketing, and within 15 days, it clicked. The website had 20,000 visitors in one month, and the numbers kept going up.

Internet marketing is not a horse race and these strategies are not the thoroughbreds.

My Website’s Social Media campaign is more effective, should I stop content marketing?

It is turning into a counter question session, but let me ask you a question.

You left-handed or right-handed? Let’s assume you are a right handed person like most of the people are. You can do things better and quicker with your right hand.

So my question is, will you get your left hand chopped off? No?

If you are not ready for an amputation for the reason that one hand is better than other, why would your digital marketing strategy be? It may sound brutal, but you amputate the digital marketing strategy by stopping one of these marketing techniques. Even when one strategy is driving fewer results in comparison to the other, it plays a supportive role.

Should I invest more on content marketing or should I spend on social media marketing?

Is there a mathematical formula for this one that I am not aware of? I guess no! Both are investments which pay off. So, as explained in the first question, you have to find your best fitting budget for both. Find balance by understanding the strategy and its outcomes, and you will know how much to spend on what.
What is the NUCLEUS of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing?
People! Or if more precisely put, Target Audience!

This question sums up the essence of this discussion. Many people understand content marketing and social media marketing as having a different nucleus.

But the truth is that ‘the converging point of social media marketing and content marketing is Target Audience.

According to CMI, content marketing is consistent creation and sharing of content to stimulate the interests of the target audience. Therefore, content in content marketing is created for the focused target audience.

And as evident from its name, social media marketing is for the ‘people.’ People are the users of social media platforms, and the campaigns target their audience through the utilization of these channels.

So when both are for the people, isn’t social media marketing just an offshoot of content marketing?

My answer to this one is also No! There are uncanny similarities between both social media and content marketing, but both have enough distinct features to call them a separate discipline.

If hamburger has beef and pizza also has beef, does it mean that hamburger is pizza? Just like this, even though social media is also about posts, pictures, and videos which are the part of content marketing, it has its independent features and operational sphere.

What is the relevance of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing to SEO?

I believe that it is all about optimization at the end of the day. The content which is liked, shared and more talked about has a greater impact on SEO, so both the content marketing and social media come together to create the right impact. When the content is created and is spread through the fitting social media channels, it lies on the equilibrium point of mechanical vs. humane content.

Humane: Already established, a content that ignores people is not even a content.

Mechanical: Frequently discussed, a content that completely ignores the crawler is not worth it.

How to Engage Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Together?

I think as an online marketer; you are already doing it. The content marketing and social media marketing are not mutually exclusive. More often than not, content which is written for the website is shared across the social media through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Often, the social media channels like Pinterest act as the strongest links to get the content across the right audience.

Should I know the difference between both?

The only answer to this question is yes! You should understand the difference between both marketing strategies.

In the simplest words, social media is push marketing which tells people to do a certain thing when they are not actually looking for it (I am guilty of clicking every jewelry item that comes across my newsfeed on Facebook).

But content is direct marketing in which people are actually searching for your services, products or tips and you supply to their demands.

Conclusion: What Should Be Done?

Be accepting of your diverse role. I am not asking you to become an all-rounder, I am just asking you to synchronize the marketing efforts more.

It is time to roll your integrated digital marketing strategy engaging the content marketing and social media channels.

Happy Marketing!

build twitter following 2018
social Media Marketing Pakistan

10 Tips for SEO to Build Twitter Following 2018

Attracting the genuine Twitter followers organically entails consistent efforts and an eye on the Twitter analytics. A growing Twitter base among the fierce competition and dynamic demographical interests is not a piece of cake; It requires the right content published in front of the right people. Hence building twitter following in 2018 demands proper marketing strategy and implementation.
Twitter has approximately 262  million monthly active users, and the total number of Twitter subscribers is expected to reach 270  million by 2019. The multiplying Twitter users can mean a multiplying followership, but only if you are doing it right.
When I talk about doing it right, it may not happen in one go.
But, I believe you will be able to cook the right recipe by mixing and matching the following 10 tips.

#1- Tweet the Content, Not the Keywords:
            Do not be carried away by your Search experience on Twitter. The Twitter audience is different from the Google audience and what works for Google search may not work with Twitter search. So, turn your keywords into tweetable phrases, designed for the right audience.

#2-Test Your Posting Potential: Build  twitter following 2018:
            Twitter offers you the potential to push your posting limits off-limits. If you post one blog a day, you can do just fine with 10 tweets a day or even 20. The two facts save you from being annoying, not every tweet gets in front of every follower, and people follow you for information and knowledge. Keep feeding them!

#3- Get Comfortable with Twitter Analytics:
If you have discarded Twitter Analytics because you are good with Google analytics, you are doing it all wrong. Sign up to Twitter Analytics to follow your own posts, see their engagement, number of likes and shares, also to dig deeper into your followers.
Twitter Analytics tell you about who your followers are, what do they like, what are their hobbies and interests etc. I believe I do not need to emphasize the importance of this information.

#4-Tweet Before It Gets Stale:
Twitter followers love fresh, original and unique content. If you are satiating the hunger for new content, you are on the right track. Be an opportunist! Sell your tweets hot and fresh before it gets stale.

#5- A Customer-Focused Content Instead of Product-Focused Content:
            If you are looking for product promotion, Twitter is not the right platform. Twitter is all about engagement and building personal interaction with your customers. 77% of the followers carry a positive impression of the brand after receiving a reply, and a promising 54% take action being mentioned in tweets.

#6-  Fewer But Powerful Words:
Twitter is a 140-character platform only relaxing the limit for emojis in September 2016.
In fact, you do not have to use all characters. Choose fewer but more powerful words. The idea character strength is 80-110 since 2012.

#7- Harness the Power of Graphics:
When the words are fewer, use original graphics to speak. Use the online tools like Picmonkey, Piktochart, and Visage to create original and attractive graphics to go with the tweets.

#8- Use Relevant Hashtags:
            Twitter and Hashtags go hand in hand. Use relevant hashtags with your tweets, ones that make sense.  A long and senseless hashtag may not be worth the effort.

#9-  Begin A Hashtag Campaign:
Tweeting about the trending hashtags is just one of the way to play with hashtag power. Begin your own unique hashtag campaign. A creative hashtag campaign can bring hundreds and thousands of followers to your account.
But do your homework well to avoid boring the ones you already have!

#10- Post but Also Retweet:
Social media platforms are about sharing. So, instead of just relying on your own posts, try retweeting the original and interesting material in front of your audience.
In order to harness the power of Twitter giant, 786 outsourcing solutions being the Best Digital and SEO company in Lahore, Pakistan, offers the best in town SEO Packages.
A genuine Twitter followership is not easy, but I will quote Mae West’s words here
“I never said it would be easy: I just said it would be worth it.”